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The most important devices that will get the 120 Fps PUBG Mobile feature


The most important devices that will get the 120 Fps PUBG Mobile feature

The most important devices that will get the 120 Fps PUBG Mobile feature

 Apple Devices:

• iPhone 15 Pro
• iPhone 15 Pro Max
• iPhone 14 Pro
• iPhone 14 Pro Max
• iPhone 13 Pro
• iPhone 13 Pro Max
• iPad Pro (2022)
• iPad Pro (2021)

• Samsung Galaxy S24
• Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus
• The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
• Samsung Galaxy S23
• Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus
• Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
• Samsung Galaxy S23 FE
• Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5
• Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
• Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4
• Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
• Samsung Galaxy Tab S9
• Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus
• Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

• Oppo Find X7 Ultra
• Oppo Find X7
• Oppo Find N3
• Oppo Find N3 Flip
• Oppo Reno11 Pro

• Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro
• Asus ROG Phone 8
• Asus ROG Phone 7
• Asus ROG Phone 7 Ultimate
• Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra
• Asus Zenfone 10

• ZTE Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro+
• ZTE Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro
• ZTE Nubia Red Magic 8S Pro+
• ZTE Nubia Red Magic 8S Pro
• ZTE Nubia Z60 Ultra

• Realme GT5
• Realme GT5 Pro
• Realme GT3
• Realme GT Neo 3T
• Realme GT2 Pro
• Realme 12 Pro+

• Google Pixel 8
• Google Pixel 8 Pro
• Google Pixel 7
• Google Pixel 7 Pro
• Google Pixel Fold

• İQOO 12
• iQ00 12 Pro
• IQ00 11
• iQOO 11 Pro
• iQ00 11s
• iQOO Neo9 Pro

• OnePlus 12
• OnePlus 12R
• OnePlus 11
• OnePlus 11R
• OnePlus Open

• Honor Magic 6 Ultimate
• Honor Magicó
• Honor Magic 6 Pro
• Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design
• Honor Magic V2
• Honor Magic V2 RSR Porsche Design

• Vivo X100
• Vivo X100 Pro
• Vivo X90
• Vivo X90 Pro
• Vivo V30 Pro

Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO:
• Xiaomi 14 Ultra
• Xiaomi 14 Pro
• Xiaomi 14
• Xiaomi 13 Ultra
• Xiaomi 13T Pro
• Xiaomi 13T
• Xiaomi Civi 4 Pro
• Xiaomi Civi 3
• Redmi K70
• Redmi K70 Pro
• Redmi K70E
• Redmi K60 Ultra
• Poco F5 Pro
• POCO X6 Pro

 Download PUBG Mobile game version 3.2 for Android devices

 Download PUBG Mobile game version 3.2 for iPhone devices

Main content 1: new theme mode (available from April 11th)
The new robot

Levitron: a new premium car that can switch between speed and bodywork. The upper and lower parts of the body can be combined into a weapon design.

In the form of speed, the maximum speed and altitude will be increased, and the car will acquire the ability to" accelerate on impact", which allows it not to slow down when it hits an obstacle, but to increase its speed using the accumulated magnetic energy.

As for the car body, the maximum speed and height will decrease, but in return you will be able to activate a "magnetic lever" to pick up characters, vehicles and some objects, as well as the ability to throw them.

Strider: a two-seater car capable of jumping. You will be armed with two missiles that can be used to bomb certain areas. Rockets can be refilled at the repair station.

Armamic: a four-seater car that you get by combining a levitron and a lever or summoning it from an iron bracket.

2.3.1 you can switch between two different types of weapons: the levitron magnetic Arrow and an improved version of the Strider rocket launcher. Improved missiles can bomb certain areas, and the range of destruction is large.

1.3.2 he can jump long distances and heights using air jets.

1.3.3 joining and disconnecting can be performed at any time, provided that the two robots are close to each other. After the merger, the commander of levitron will become the commander of armamic.

The stage

Iron Bow: a huge warship lands in irangel. Players can join them for close combat with other rivals!

2.1.1 there are a lot of supplies on the Iron Bow ship, and you can get a lot of equipment from the boxes scattered throughout the Iron Bow. Be the initiator of the first movement to reach the top!

2.1.2 if you are defeated, you can wait for the helicopter on the runway, which will take you to the center of the stadium.

Assembly Rules: there are several rules on the map scattered throughout the game.

2.2.1 the assembly base includes a robot repair station where you can restore the robot, fuel and rocket functions.

2.2.2 on the upper floor of the collection base there is a detector that can determine the location of the boxes located in the collection base. In one of the drawers you can find an access card, with the help of which you can open the door to a secret room to get a lot of supplies.

Phase mechanisms

Repair station: go to the repair station and you will find yourself inside the robot to restore its health, fuel and missiles.

Parachute for quick landing: when landing by parachute, the parachute quick landing button will appear at a certain height in the air. Press the button to immediately open the parachute for landing, and you can move it aside as you like.

Character elements

Jetpack: take it and arm it to increase your movement speed. She also has the ability to fly in the air for a short time, but she quickly consumes energy during takeoff, and she will be able to restore it only when she lands on the ground. When you reach a certain speed while moving forward, you can switch to a high-speed object. When switching to a high-speed body, you will perform a special action when you click "take off". The jetpack is a sanitary tape that protects you from damage to your back and arms. However, it will explode after taking a certain amount of damage.

Introspection: if you have this item, you can click introspection after you are dropped, and it will perform a similar action to save colleagues. As soon as this action is completed, you will return to the battle again. Each player can carry only one piece of this item. Self-reproduction will stop if you move while using this item.

Magnetic pistol: a weaker version of the magnetic hand. Instead, it is triggered by pressing the handle of a firearm and has the same capabilities as a magnetic lever, but with a lower value.

Appearance signal Cannon: works on the same principle as the signal Cannon. After taking off into the Sky, colleagues who were not allowed to fly by plane will immediately reappear, but at the same time they use their opportunity to reappear.

Main content 2: World Of Wonders game update (available from April 18th)

New gaming consoles

A device with a rival element: use this device to display a rival element that players can hold in their hands, for example, "capture the flag".

Competing goods delivery device: competing goods can be delivered to this device for a reward.

Defensive tower device: use this device to create a stationary defensive tower with the ability to select the type of its weapons.

Hardware improvements in the gameplay

Great car setup: add options for motorized vehicles.

Enemy projector in PV: use this device to create enemy team in PV.

A device with a cursor on the map: now supports the display of symbols and text in real time during gameplay.

Optimization of game parameters

Now you can store coins during and between matches.

The cost of items has been improved.

Other improvements

Add new items like goal dummy, soccer ball and more.

Now you can create a team with friends and not only in this charming city.

Main content 3: Basic Combat sensations (available from April 18th)

In-game marking: when marking supplies with the general tag/quick chat, the specified amount of supplies is also displayed.

Setup buttons: when setting up the controls, you can now quickly copy the layout of the arena mode to use in classic mode.

Automatic capture: you can now throw away your previous combat weapon or put it in your backpack after picking up a new combat weapon.

Main content 4: Royal metro (available from April 20th)

New Honor Awards: avatar of the elite from Chapter 20, frame for the avatar of the hero of Chapter 20, frame for the legendary name of Chapter 20. Such bonuses can be obtained after reaching the specified Honor level.

Restrictions on the equipment of battles in the front row and in the old siege zone were added in the basic mode.

Collectible wardrobe updates

3.1.1 updating the collectibles Cabinet: adding collectibles from Chapter 20.

3.1.2 after receiving some legendary collectibles, the player gets the right to place them in his personal space.

3.1.3 to decorate the House, special materials can be used to place some legendary collectibles in it.

In Royal Metro games, you can now earn experience points for players and his companions.

New firearms: B90 (Cobra), B90 (iron front)

Feature improvements

Improve the state of firearms at the preparation stage at the beginning of the game. The firearm will be automatically reloaded and put into automatic start mode.

The ability to open several available gift sets at once has been added.

Click the button below to download the demo version and get acquainted with the new gameplay! (Note: the content of the beta test may be changed before the release of the final version).

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